Time to stop the stigma of mental health issues.

Suffer in Silence

Mental health issues are far more common than we like to accept. For decades in Ireland, thousands of people have suffered in silence, while thousands more have died from mental health related issues. But for far too many people, there is still a stigma surrounding mental health issues. With an approximate 1 in 10 people living with depression – which is just one mental health issue – (AWARE, 2016), we, as a society, have to accept that this is a growing problem and one which we cannot ignore.

Everyday Issue

As a nation, we generally show concern for health and safety; for example, our road safety campaigns are extensive and we have a good cancer screening service. So why do we still have such a stigma when it comes to mental health issues? For something that is such an everyday issue for so many, why is there still so much stigma surrounding it?


Our mental health is without a doubt crucial to our daily life; in fact, in 2003, the WHO acknowledged that ‘Mental health is a most important, maybe the most important, public health issue’ (World Health Organisation,2003).

And yet we still have such stigma…..why?

Click here to watch one Dublin man (Doug Leddin) discuss his experience of mental health issues.

As the Cycle Against Suicide campaign reminds us, ‘it is okay not to be okay and it’s absolutely okay to ask for help’.