Exams: Think Positively

Stressful Time

what if i fall

Exams are everywhere at the moment. This can be a very stressful time. Many fear the worst possible outcome will be the reality, regardless of the preparation they have put in.
Nobody wants to fail. Nobody wants you to fail. But it is a reality for some; the important thing to remember is that all this result means is that, in that period of time that you sat the exam, you did not write enough. That is it. It does not mean you are somehow less of a person. It does not mean that your future is ruined.

Life Happens

Of course everybody wants to do their best. But sometime life happens, the proverbial spanner gets thrown in the works, and the outcome is not what you hoped for. If this does happen to you, stop, breathe and above all else, do not punish yourself.
The earth will still rotate on its axis. The sun will still rise, shine and set. Life will go on.

Next Time

Accept your reality. Learn from it. Move on. Try to avoid engaging in negative postmortems which will potentially only further lower your self-esteem. Instead, try to be realistic and identify where you may have gone wrong and what you can do differently next time (because there is always a next time).

Move On

Nobody is advocating that you fail just for the learning experience. What is being put forward here is the notion that should it happen, for whatever reason, learn from it and move on. It is not the end of the world.


There is life beyond exams.
There is a second chance.
There is light at the end of tunnel.