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Becoming a Student

OTC Support Networks

Who Are My Support Networks?

All students share common concerns when beginning a new course of study. What if I don’t understand the course content? How will I cope with the pressure? What if I… read more →...

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How Do I Plan For Study?

For many, planning means restrictions and a lack of spontaneity. However the reality is making and sticking to a plan creates more freedom, less strain on your time and reduces… read more →...

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time management

How do I Manage My Time?

There are 168 hours in a week. To learn how to manage your time, it’s a good idea to first discover how you spend your time. Complete the Time Monitor/Time… read more →...

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The Study Environment

How do I Manage My Study Environment?

Once you have created your study plan, use the following pointers to create a study environment conducive to learning: Location It is important to create a study environment that is… read more →...

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