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Learning Style

What Are Learning Styles?

Learning styles simply refers to the different approaches people take to learning. Two things happen when you learn: New information is taken in The information is processed The way in… read more →...

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What Is VARK?

VARK is a system used to profile your learning preferences (or learning style). The name is an acronym made up of the different ways in which people prefer to learn.… read more →...

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Kolb Learning Cycle

What Is Kolb’s Learning Cycle?

Kolb’s learning cycle works on the idea of “active learning” – a continuous cycle of learning by doing. Start by doing a task Observe and reflect on your progress and… read more →...

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How Do I Learn To Concentrate?

Learning to concentrate can be divided into a three-step process: LEARN – What causes poor concentration and which apply to you? UNDERSTAND – How can you control the factors? CONTROL – How can… read more →...

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critical thinker

How Do I Become A Critical Thinker?

Critical thinking is not just skill or a technique, it is a combination of emotions, attitudes, habits and skills. Critical thinking, also known as “thorough thinking” or “creative thinking”, is… read more →...

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How Should I Apply Analytical Skills As I Study?

How Should I Apply Analytical Skills As I Study?

Applying analytic skills will improve your level of comprehension and reduce study time! Use the following methodology to integrate analytical skills into your learning: Get a pencil and get ready… read more →...

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