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Note Taking


How Do I Take Notes?

Adopt the following techniques when taking notes: Take actual notes Write in your own words rather than transcribing the source material. Use keywords It’s best not to use complete paragraph… read more →...

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How Do I Absorb & Retain Information?

Many people think they are forgetful and have a poor memory. To forget is the inability to store or recall information. Listed below are twenty techniques, divided into four categories,… read more →...

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What Is SQ3R?

The SQ3R method for learning is a well established method for quickly and efficiently learning textbook material. Taking the time to learn and apply this technique is worth it. It… read more →...

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Using Mindmaps

A Mind Map is a graphic technique, like a roadmap, to visually layout your thoughts to allow you easily remember information. It uses words, images, numbers, logic and spatial awareness… read more →...

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