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Plagiarism, Policies & Procedures


What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s words, ideas, arguments, concepts or designs as your own work. Plagiarism occurs when the work of another person, or persons, is used and presented as… read more →...

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How Do I Avoid Plagiarism?

You avoid plagiarism by referencing material you use in your writing that was created by someone else. Whatever referencing method is used the information should be sufficiently precise and detailed… read more →...

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What Is Confidentiality, Anonymity & Consent?

For legal and ethical reasons it is important that information concerning an agency and the people who live and work there be used respectfully and with care, within the context… read more →...

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Why And When Do I Use A Declaration of Own Work?

A ‘Declaration of Own Work’ statement must be completed by students to meet the College’s quality assurances procedures. This confirms that the individual student has authored the work being submitted… read more →...

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Where Can I Find Details Of The OTC’s Policies & Procedures?

The Open Training College Student Handbook outlines all College Policies & Procedures. You are required to download and read this Student Handbook with care. At workshops the Course Director or… read more →...

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