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Plan Research

How Do I Plan My Search?

Planning is a key element in searching for information to support your course work. Begin the planning process by creating a list of overall assignment, essay or project goals. Identify:… read more →...

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How Do I Use The Library As A Search Resource?

 The library is an excellent starting point for your information search and offers access to a range of resources such as: Textbooks, Encyclopaedias Almanacs, Atlases Dictionaries, Thesauri Journals, Periodicals Government… read more →...

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How Do I Use The Internet To Find Information or Research a Topic?

The Internet is an integral part of contemporary life but finding relevant information can sometimes feel   like searching for a “needle in a haystack”. There are many ways to… read more →...

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Getting better search results

How Can I get Better Search Results?

The quality of search results will depend on how well you phrase your query. Apply “search engine maths”, the use of common mathematical symbols, to generate better searches: The +… read more →...

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12 Strategies For Searching The Internet

Where to Begin Use a search directory at the beginning of your research, when you are formulating ideas, looking for general information on a topic. Use a search engine for… read more →...

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Social Care Links

Below is a useful collection of links to Irish and International social care websites. Access Access Ireland  – information on Wheelchair and general access in Ireland Institute for Design and… read more →...

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