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Revision & Exams


How Do I Prepare To Revise For Exams?

Before you start to revise check the following: TIME –-  confirm date, location and duration of each exam TOPICS –- confirm what areas of the course you need to cover for each… read more →...

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How Do I Revise?

How you revise will be determined by your knowledge of the subject matter, the duration of exam and amount of study time allocated. There is no universal technique for revising… read more →...

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Six rules of revision

Six Rules of Revision

Do it yourself –: create your own revision notes. As you write from your study notes you are reinforcing what you have already learned. This will boost your confidence and give… read more →...

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How Do I Answer Questions in Exams?

An exam is a test of what you have learned and your ability to show your understanding of the material covered over the course of a year. Exams can be… read more →...

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