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Change Language

Using “People First” Language

Although you might not be conscious of it, the language you use to describe people can effect the way people are valued. The ‘words’ used by you and other social… read more →...

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People with disabilities

How do I Write About People With Disabilities?

When writing about people with disabilities, consider the following Do’s and Don’ts Don’t Do not focus on disability. Do not portray successful people with disabilities as superhuman or heroes. Do… read more →...

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How Do I Portray People With Disabilities?

DON’T SAY SAY Autistic Person with Autism Hyperactive Person with ADHD Brain damaged Person with a brain injury Person who has sustained brain injury Person with an acquired brain injury… read more →...

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What Is A Sentence?

Communicating through writing is the art of organising your thoughts into sentences. A sentence is a grammatical unit comprised of one or more clauses. A sentence has (at least) three… read more →...

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What Is A Paragraph?

A paragraph is a collection of sentences relating to a single topic. It should have the following characteristics: Unity each paragraph should open and close with a single focus or… read more →...

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Writing In The 3rd Person

Academic writing calls for the writer to produce objective, and to a large extent, impersonal work. To write objectively the writer must eliminate personal opinions, such as “I”, “we”, “you”,… read more →...

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Writing Style

Developing A Writing Style

As you write an assignment or essay your writing style will begin to emerge. Your style can be determined by: Your choice of words How you give meaning to a… read more →...

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How Do I Manage My Time When Writing an Assignment?

Observe the following guidelines for managing the development of assignments: Find out when the assignment is due Break the assignment/essay down into smaller units of work Assign headings to individual… read more →...

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Just write

How Do I Complete An Assignment or Essay?

Once you have created a time plan, confirmed your assignment plan and completed your information gathering or research, you can begin to focus on the writing. All assignments should be… read more →...

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Using The Assignment Presentation Feedback Sheet: Some Handy Hints

Assignment Presentation Feedback Sheet The Assignment Presentation Feedback Sheet is given to each student as a part of his or her feedback from each assignment submitted. It is designed to… read more →...

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