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Upgrading Apps on Your Tablet or Phone

An Important Notice

The college’s word processing and calendar applications are all provided by Google. These are regularly upgraded to improve performance and protect your online security.

Upgrade tablets & phonesIf you write your assignments using a web browser then you’ll never notice this happening because everything occurs in the background. However, if you are accessing them using a tablet or phone, then you might (and can we stress might) encounter some issues in the near future. This document explains how to resolve them if they arise.

Some Background

Google provides dedicated apps for tablets and phones to use their word-processing, storage and calendar applications.   They have told us that they will no longer be supporting older versions of these applications from the 3rd of April and that people will need to upgrade their existing applications to continue using our word processing and calendar services. This is because the older versions are not secure.

If you regularly update applications on your phone or tablet then you will not have any problems but if you have not updated them for a while then you may be opening yourself up to unnecessary risks that Google is trying to address.

How Do I Know If I Am Using An Outdated App?

ANSWER: You will already have received an alert

Google has already started sending alerts to people using out-of-date applications. If you have received any of the following notifications on your tablet or phone  in the last few days then you will probably need to upgrade both your google applications and your phone’s operating system:

  • Version too old: Sorry, this version of Google Drive is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a newer version.”
  • App update required: This version of Google [app name] is no longer supported. Update to the latest version.
  • System update required: Google [app name] no longer supports this version. Go to device settings to check for a system update.”
If you have not seen any of these notices then you do not need to do anything and you can disregard the rest of this document. However, if you want to be doubly certain, you can check to see if your software will continue to be supported after the 3rd of April by reading this article.

How Do I Upgrade or Update My Apps?

I’ve an iPad or iPhone

  • This article provides a simple step-by-step guide (including pictures) on to how to update applications (apps) on your iPhone.
  • This article explains how to upgrade apps on your iPad.

If you have not updated your iPad or iPhone operating system since you got it then you may need to upgrade this before you can update your applications. You can learn how to do this here.

NOTE: We would strongly recommend you enable automatic updates of your apps. If you do this, you can basically forget about having to worry about things like this occurring in the future. The first two articles above explain how to set up automatic updates.

I’ve an Android Phone or Tablet

  • This article explains how to update apps on android tablets and phones. It also explains how to set up automatic updates.

NOTE: You may need to update your tablet or phone’s operating system before you can update the applications. You can read how to do this here.

What Do I Do If My Tablet or Phone Won’t Let Me Upgrade the Apps?

Some older tablets and phones, such as the very first iPad for example, will not let you upgrade your device to the latest operating system or install the most up-to-date apps. This is something that cannot be got around. However, you should still be able to access your documents or calendar using the browser installed on your device.

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