How Should I Prepare For Reading? 

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You probably learned to read many, many years ago and think you are a good reader, but how much of what you read do you actually retain? Do you read differently depending on the material? Would you read a textbook the same way you dive into a novel?

Course content will determine why you are reading and what you need to gain from your reading. Be clear on the purpose for reading. There are many reasons to learn to read effectively: for information; increase confidence; ask intelligent questions; improve vocabulary. Similarly, there are several methods for effective reading:

Use Speed Reading

to understand the main points. Click here to learn more.

Skim or Scan

to locate specific information about a topic. Click here to learn more.

Apply SQ3R

to remember relevant course-related information. Click here to learn more.



Using the above criteria assess your reading environment to judge suitability and see where you can make changes.

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