What Is VARK?

VARK is a system used to profile your learning preferences (or learning style). The name is an acronym made up of the different ways in which people prefer to learn.

Visual -

Visual learners prefer to learn by using visual aids like charts, graphs, flow charts, mind maps and symbols.

Aural/Auditory –

This group of learners prefer information to be heard or spoken. If you have a preference for the aural/auditory learning style you will learn best from lectures, tutorials, tapes, group discussion, email and talking

Read/Write –

Readers/writers learn best through reading and writing

Kinesthetic –

These learners prefer to learn through personal experience, examples, practice and simulation



The VARK system is based on a questionnaire that will allow you assess your learning preferences. Click here to complete the VARK questionnaire to assess your preferred learning style.


Apply the strategies for your learning preference to learn how to:

1. take in information

2. study information for effective learning

3. study for performing well on an examination


Once you have completed the questionnaire, click here to download the VARK helpsheets. 

Last modified: Thursday, 18 January 2024, 3:05 PM